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 Make XP Genuine[Manually]

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Make XP Genuine[Manually] Empty
PostSubject: Make XP Genuine[Manually]   Make XP Genuine[Manually] EmptyTue Feb 09, 2010 11:01 am

Make XP Genuine[Manually]
First:-goto start and click on run second:-type regedit and open it. third:-migrate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\WPAEvents and on the right side of the pannel you will fing a key named OOBETimer double clik on the key and if t...he last entry of the key is not zero then change it to 00 otherwise close the window. fourth:-again goto start and then click on run and type there c:\windows\system32\oobe\msoobe.exe /a .a new window will open with some options fifth:- select yes,i want to telephone a coustomer....... and then click next. sixth:-click on change product key and enter this key JG28K-H9Q7X-BH6W4-3PDCQ-6XBFJ and then click update and close the window. (NOTE THE above key is for windows xp sp2) Now your windows is genuine you dont need any software to make it genuine.. To check is yopu XP genuine or not open your webbrowser(use internet explorer) and in address bar type and apage will open and on lefthand side click on validate windows...after the validation is over your windows is genuine for ever LOTS OF GENUINE KEYS FOR EVERY XP VERSION:- Windows XP Corp vlk(Volume License Key) own build 2600 windows professional final build or lastly known as msdn corporate select: H2HYJ-28PQM-6HGFG-CWMMD-V2C62 M74XB-7K8Y4-YT6MY-B6XX4-PWBF4 VVBQJ-VHP8J-7DHHP-FK68Y-YHY2V D2Q4M-M47JY-FVXFJ-JPRKR-6GG82 RCB4W-27GPV-HKPF7-WH43D-V6XPD Y88HJ-4K4VP-W6Y3H-BWH6M-43GCP M7D6F-3GY6B-PWXPF-JPPYD-8XD2J FWFX8-2VBWD-2K8T7-R26QW-93T3C PW2DM-BHPPK-YV8V3-VFYVY-VQFKD 8W4DX-VDYKX-JYFYC-VY4Q3-YJ4PD 93XDW-CQTX4-PJ2Y4-YHRW4-G4DBF D2H37-MCK77-8YW4V-7C3YQ-K98RJ Q3MM2-PX8HT-DG34Y-MH7Q4-WDG3W TRHB3-TTDC6-QDTKW-8GRQY-G7H6M 3VHPK-BYHDR-X63B6-8FFFM-P6TW2 CB4F7-JHGCM-47K6G-PB7BY-BX2W3 TMYYT-RYXXQ-BHJ78-F6TWC-97BXT YTTD2-BQHYG-8F4D2-WCVHC-64TTT GRPC7-FVKTR-MXVMJ-4TD33-JMDF8 DXVWV-PDKBH-2PK6Y-YQWCP-GQ43T FWT4K-YXKYV-FTWJG-B6WJF-CB73X 273M3-4KG6D-34MMY-XYFWF-2P4VY TC2PX-Y77HM-QJQ7X-BHVBT-QF9PC 4MXCM-8R7Q8-V74VD-6PPWY-QQBPM F4K8K-K6XFX-K7M68-M6P4P-MVV6Y WFMT2-DWMYG-JYHVK-DCXYD-7M84B BWWYK-6QF64-7KJPR-HJBJ7-JD9G9 V3QXP-MBQPK-RQGB3-6XFJR-2P2BB QXYMP-G3WTH-DX3RT-VX8FR-7MDHH 44V3B-JHRC3-T4PRP-C4GHK-FTT2F 3TC47-R6GKX-KMM3V-37DR2-K3CGB X8CXT-B38P8-MR6CG-XGJ76-734BX MWXP3-28PMK-CQYD7-QV6VC-X7F66 YTX4R-RPQJC-2FTT2-XGH23-KDPHD CJ78M-4DDKT-6CCQF-VFB7J-6HM9Q GKH26-V6VWJ-3YYJY-QFF2P-PYXBH JP6M2-HJCFC-8KCJ6-M2KMW-69B9T W4DYV-RJ7VP-X78K7-7KF78-DT8JD 3F276-7BYC6-WT46Q-JMR7W-KT9F6 H7CJG-Y7HPQ-W3D2C-3H64M-6FVVC T3RMP-XXVR7-TGGMK-H74VG-Y3YQV PJCYY-P6TQ4-DMPY4-4WGXV-4DJRB 74GFB-DDKVK-V3M28-73GYW-MTFJW DFHFT-4XQRX-4J76Q-PKPP8-72TT6 G7HBY-RPXFX-JFTP2-YYVVX-8W9QD VJGX6-R7VQ8-P6GW8-J6RPK-4QCB9 KMG2X-6D8XP-M23XR-6FWKX-B8JRH CRTGH-B68P2-XB6JC-44GCD-X9JHM P6PMF-2YWVR-XTHRJ-H2RM6-3BCVD[i]
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Make XP Genuine[Manually]
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